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In 2002 I established The Charlotte Todd Foundation in memory of Charlotte “Toddy” Todd. The foundation is a private charity supported 100% from my personal contributions.

Its purpose:
1. To provide assistance to orphanages and children’s homes in a way of financial contributions, food, clothing, shoes, health and comfort items, and other needed supplies.
2. To provide financial assistance to poor children with unfortunate teeth disorders. Their day would be filled with sunshine if they could smile like you.
3. To provide financial assistance to children needing artificial limbs. If they could only walk, run, climb, or skip a rope like you.
4. To donate food baskets, health and comfort items, and other goods to disabled elderly citizens and shut-ins with little or no income or transportation.

My goal is to retire from business and manage The Charlotte Todd Foundation on a fulltime bases. There are millions of needy children in America that go to bed hungry. They need our help, love, and attention and to be able to smile without looking at the ground. We don’t need to go outside U. S. borders to witness hardship; just go to the other side of the tracks. Take a blanket, canned food, some hamburgers, soft drinks, a few dollars and your time. You will discover what genuine happiness is all about. I don’t have enough time, supplies or money to reach all of them but I reach some of them, and so can you.

July 8, 1906 – May 31, 1994

Charlotte Louise Todd, or “Toddy” as she was affectionately known, was born in Walhalla, South Carolina, to William and Carrie Thompson Todd.

Following the death of her parents, Charlotte, then age 9, and her 5-year-old sister, Henrietta, was placed in Epworth Orphanage, Columbia, South Carolina on February 23, 1916. When Henrietta was 11, she was hit and killed by a car on Millwood Avenue, leaving Charlotte with no family.

Upon graduation from Epworth Orphanage High School, Charlotte entered Columbia College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree. She returned to the only ‘home’ she had ever known and took a position as a matron with Epworth Orphanage. She remained there until a few months before her death in 1994. Toddy lived at Epworth for 58 years, longer than any other person. She dedicated her life caring for orphan children who came to Epworth from towns and cities along the highways and byways of America. I am honored to establish this foundation in her name.


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