Jeff Pope Fees

Ten percent of each inspection fee collected from our clients goes helps support children in U.S. orphanages and children’s homes, children with unfortunate teeth disorders, prosthetic care for children, and the elderly who are shut-in.

This firm delivers professional inspections for reasonable compensation to those who need them. The reasonableness of our fee is based on size, location, and condition of the property to be inspected. If positive results from a home inspection, wood flooring inspection, or Expert Witness representation is what you want give JPHI or WFIC an opportunity to serve you.

Litigation Support Fees:
Instruct your attorney to contact me for a free one-time discussion of your case, the assignment, and arrangements for payment of fees associated with inspections and Expert Witness testimony.

Retainer Fees:
If JPHI or WFIC agree to get involved in a court case or potential court case a Retainer Fee is required up front.

Curricular Vitae
My Professional Curricular Vitae will be available for your examination and posting with any Federal, Superior, or State Court if I involve myself and an Expert Witness in civil or criminal litigation on your behalf. A retainer fee is required in advance of any work or information provided after the initial interview with your attorney and or delivery of my Curricular Vitae.

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