Home Inspections

JPHI offers a wide range of inspections from the simplest to the most complex. Each inspection is performed and documented with the highest level of scrutiny.

The Home Inspection Report
We believe our fact-filled home inspection report is the most comprehensive in America. It has withstood intense scrutiny by trial lawyers in open court, Superior and State, and has passed muster at the Federal Court level. Usually the report and CD with images are available the day of the inspection or within one day, except for mega home inspections.

New Home Inspections
Residential Inspection for Functionality, Condition, and Performance
This is an inspection of completely finished houses, condominiums, and apartments that have never been occupied. The inspection includes all visible and readily accessible components of the dwelling, observed building code violations, and workmanship quality. This is an extremely thorough inspection of the entire dwelling and its major mechanical systems.

Resale Home Inspections
Residential Inspection for Functionality, Condition, and Performance
This is an inspection of homes, condominiums, or apartments occupied or that have been occupied. The inspection is of readily accessible areas of the dwelling.

Exterior: Inspections include, but are not limited to, the roof, exterior siding and building envelope components, paint, decks, porches, stoops, steps, landings, and site drainage. All visible and readily accessible components in the building envelope are inspected unless otherwise stated.

Interior: Inspections include, but are not limited to, walls, ceilings, floor structural diaphragms, major appliances, all major mechanical systems (plumbing, heating, electrical, and air conditioning), basement, readily accessible attics, foundation walls, readily accessible crawl spaces, and evidence of water intrusion. Anything that can be seen or accessed is inspected and reported on right down to the screws holding the doorknobs.

Pre-listing Home Inspections -
“For Sale” Inspections Annotated
This is a visual inspection of the home and readily accessible components before it is placed on the market. An inspection report suitable for public display is provided. The report is accompanied by a CD of images taken during the inspection for your electronic “motion picture frame” display.

Residential Construction Inspections -
Construction Monitoring
This is an inspection of a dwelling at each phase of construction. Let’s look at the following areas where you may fall short on knowledge.
• Building code compliance, footings, foundation, framing, roof structure and shingles.
• Adherence to building code nailing and fastener tables and schedules.
• Installation of major mechanical systems (plumbing, electrical, heating, a/c).
• Inspection of components after the house is finished.

The inspection addresses structural integrity, substandard work, and failure to comply with Georgia State Mandated Building Codes as presented in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.), Title 8, Section 2-20 et seq.

Residential Warranty Inspections -
One to four year construction warranty
This is a detailed inspection of the home before the expiration of the one-year and four-year warranties. Discovery and documentation of defects, code violations, and wood flooring condition are of the utmost importance prior to the expiration of these warranties. If a homeowner does not provide the builder with a list of problems within the warranty timeline, the homeowner may not have legal recourse when requesting that the builder correct warranty issues. In a court ruling regarding this subject, a judge stated: “The Plaintiff did not document conditions in the complaint, and did not respond by providing Defendant with a list of problems with the house in a timely manner; judgment for the Defendant.”

Commercial Building Inspections
Commercial property, new or resale
Inspecting and evaluating all aspects of commercial structures and their major mechanical systems.

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