Jeff Pope's Qualifications

Building Inspection Credentials

The following certifications were obtained from The University of Georgia (UGA). These credentials are registered with the Southern Building Code Congress, International (SBCCI) in Birmingham, AL. Some of my credentials are registered with the International Code Council.
• The University of Georgia (UGA) Building Code Inspector

• UGA Building Code Inspector
Certified CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code.
SBCCI Registration No. 602;

• UGA Building Code Inspector
Certified Residential Building Code.
SBCCI Registration No. 1363;

• UGA Building Code Inspector
Certified Housing and Rehabilitation.
SBCCI Registered No. 134;

• UGA, Georgia State Energy Code for Buildings
Certified Energy Conservation Training for Georgia State and Local Building Officials.
End of UGA Certifications

International Code Council (ICC)

• ICC Residential Building Inspector B-2
• ICC Residential Combination Inspector B-5
• ICC Commercial Building Inspector B-5

Environmental Assessment Association
• Environmental Inspector for Real Estate Transactions

Wood Flooring Credentials

• University of Memphis
Certified Hardwood Flooring Installer and Finisher

National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)
Certified “Professional Wood Flooring Inspector”
License #CP1520204

• National Wood Flooring Association
“Registered Wood Flooring Consultant”

• National Wood Flooring Association
Certified Hardwood Flooring Installer and Finisher

National Oak Flooring Manufacturing Association
Certified Hardwood Flooring Installer and Finisher

Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association
Certified Hardwood Flooring Installer and Finisher

2002: Completed all examinations and case scenario requirements by NWFA for professional certification.
2002: Became a Provisional wood flooring inspector; inspected per NWFA standards for one year.
Submitted wood flooring compliance reports to NWFA Certified Professionals, Inc Examining Committee. Reports were accepted by the Examining Committee; probationary period began.
2003: One year probation period as a provisional inspector.
2004: NWFA License (CP1520204) “CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL” Wood flooring inspector May, 2004.


• Over 22,000 homes, condominium, and commercial inspection (combined)

• Over 300 new home construction monitoring

• Over 1,200 stucco inspections and investigations

• 7 years governmental Housing Code Enforcement

• 7 years of remodeling and renovations

• Over 700 EIFS clad homes inspected for moisture and condition

• Over 5,000 Home Warranty inspections and investigations

• 3+ years Georgia State Mandated Residential Building Codes Expert Discussion Leader

• 11,000+ exotic and domestic hardwood floors inspected

• Georgia Association of Home Inspectors: 1995-1997 liaison between Georgia Lawmakers and home inspectors

• Georgia Association of Home Inspectors: 1996-1998 Education Committee Chairman

• Developed one of the most comprehensive code-oriented home inspection report in America

Expert Witness

• Federal Court: United States Court, Northern District of Georgia, the Atlanta Division
• Superior Courts: State of Georgia
• State Courts: State of Georgia
• Magistrate Courts: State of Georgia
• Binding Arbitration: Metro Atlanta


The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)
CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL Wood Flooring Inspectors, Inc. (CPWFI)
The International Code Council (ICC)
The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

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